What to visit around the area...

On this page you find a small selection of the most popular destinations and leisure activities all very close to St. Leonhard.
We are ready to provide you with further or more detailed information!


Salt-mine in Hallein
(about 6km away)

The journey into the heart of the mountain brings you with the mine car and via two long slides to a sub-terranean salt lake. You cross that lake on a raft listening to a mystical cloud of sound.





Castle Hellbrunn - aquatic garden
(about 3km away)

The castle Hellbrunn and the world-famous aquatic garden and water-games are Austria's best example for mannerist architecture and one of the few survivors north of the Alps.
The castle was built 1612-1615 by Santino Solari on the instructions of the archbishop Markus Sittikus.


Zoo Hellbrunn
(about 3km away)

The zoo Hellbrunn sees it as their originality to offer a viewing of diverse animals either Austrian or exotic in their natural surroundings. The zoo is particularly eager to create a harmony between the beautiful landscape of the area with the usual environment of the animals.




Eisriesenwelt Werfen - World of the Ice Giants
(about 20km away)

The longest ice-cave of the world (42 km) is located in the steep west wall of the Hochkogel. A cable car brings you up there. Fully equipped with carbide lamps you can explore the tunnels and halls of the caves with their imposing and impressing ice formations.


Open Air museum Großgmain
(about 10km away)

This museum is a huge area(50 hectars) displaying original farm-buildings that have been re - built to mirror typical farm houses and their implements and equipment of the five different parts of Salzburg between the 17th and the 20th century. In the course of the guided tour you will get an insight into the way of farm-life of former days. Children can participate actively in the programme of the tour.



Cruise on Lake Königssee
(about 20km away)

The emerald-green lake surrounded by imposing mountain rocks is one of the main attractions of the Berchtesgadner Land in Bavaria. If you are a gourmand and you prefer the fish-cruise or if your children might like to go on the pirate-cruise.... in every case you will definitely not forget the adventurous cruise on the Königssee which might as well remind you of Norwegian fjords. !


The fortress Hohenwerfen and falcon - show
(about 20km away)

The massive fortress (11th century) way above the Salzach - valley today houses the first Austrian falconry museum and the Landes - falkenhof of Salzburg where you can go on an interesting walk informing you about birds of prey. There are organised flight presentations every day. Apart from that in the fortress you can find an exceptional torture- and arms - chamber, and you can go up to the belfry from where you can enjoy the spectacular view over the Salzach-valley. There are various different events offered in the castle which are all worth seeing!



The Watzmann-Therme in Berchtesgaden
(ca. 12km entfernt)

The family counts most in the thermal-pool in Berchtesgaden. You find there an indoor pool containing salt water, a huge sauna-area, a part restricted to mothers and their children only with a pool designed particularly for toddlers. The older children will find entertainment in an 80 metres-long water slide. The whole package is rounded off by steam-baths, solariums and massage rooms.


Golf-course Rif (Golf-school!)

(about 3km away)

The main part of interest in the Rif International Golf Academy is the 9-hole course with very demanding obstacles. The training-centre offers to its guest one of the top class courses. The rate of success in the exams lies above European average.



Schiwelt Flachau - Sportwelt Amadé

(about 50km away)

Famous world-cup pistes, family-friendly slopes or glacier-skiing... everybody will find something for his or her taste... in 5 regions, 25 villages, on 860 km ski-pistes and 270 ski-lifts. Enjoy skiing without limits!